After having spoken to several of you about the substitute work that I have left the past 2 days, I decided that the best option might be to give you the option of choosing what you need to practice. Below there are many links for practicing the past tenses in Spanish (preterite and imperfect). Since Mrs. Carey is going to be out for a few more days, I am going to let you work through these links for at least the next 2 days and then reassess where we are. Please feel free to give me suggestions and your thoughts. Since I know ALL of you, I trust that you will use the time wisely and work with these links during the class period.
  1. Pret Imp trigger words
  2. Know when to use pret/imp
  3. Review the choose what you need
  4. Review the imperfect….you choose
  5. Goldilocks and the three bears….choose the verb
  6. Superman choose the verb
  7. Preterite versus imperfect
  8. GAME! Choose the game/tense you want to practice
  9. GAME! Burrito builder. Choose one of the past tense options
  10. Straight conjugation select the verbs you need to practice
  11. sentence practice
  12. Practice the preterite forms…..choose which to do
  13. Paragraph practice, choose correct verb
  14. Very short quiz (5)
  15. Short quiz (10)
  16. Another one
  17. Practice quiz, English to Spanish
  18. Mini quiz