Officers 2017 - 2018
Presidenta: Sofia Salem
Vice-Presidente: Zeth Weaver
Secretaria: Alyssa Berry
Historiador: Nick Horseman
Servicio/Tesorero: Matt Phillips
Participation 2017 - 2018
Participation 2016- 2017

Proposed 2017 - 2018 Schedule
1. martes, 12 de septiembre La Cena Agave Azul 6:30
2. jueves, el 5 de octubre Partidos! 3:00 F209
3. miercoles, el 25 de octubre Dia de los Muertos F209 3:00
4. sabado, el 18 de noviembre El Desayuno Dayton's 9:00
5. miercoles, el 29 de noviembre NYC todo el dia
6. miercoles, el 6 de diciembre Proyecto de servicio/ La Navidad (arboles y canciones)
7. martes, el 19 de diciembre field trip to see Coco (opens November 22) or Ferdinando (opens Dec. 15) al cine (midday)
8. enero: Dia de los Tres Reyes SNOW
9. no meeting February: Rock and Roll Revival
10.Tuesday, March 20 karaoke at 3:00 in F209

11. Thursday, April 12, 7th period new members

12. Monday, April 16, 7th period all old members

13. Tuesday, April 17, 6:00 for officers, 6:30 for members, Inductions for Honor Society.

14. Wednesday, April 25, celebration dinner for everyone at Agave Azul at 6:00

15.Thursday, May 10 senior dinner at La Tolteca at 6:00

16. Friday, May 11, Cabaret at 6:30 for participants, 7:00 for attendees. In cafeteria
17. Tuesday, May 15 Speeches and election of officers 3:00 F209

Officers 2016 - 2017
Presidenta: Linda Zelaya
Officers 2016 2017.jpgVice-Presidenta: Sandra Zelaya
Secretaria: Morgan Hall
Historiador: Thomas Long

Participation 2016 - 2017
Proposed Schedule 2016 - 2017
1. miercoles, 21 septiembre: Agave Azul/Rositas Taqueria 6:30
2. martes, 11 octubre: Scavenger Hunt at the Zoo 3:15 (postponed til spring due to flooding)
3. lunes, 31 octubre: Dia de los muertos 3:00 F209
4. miercoles, 30 de noviembre PARTIDOS!!!! (board and card games, discussion of service project)
5. martes, 13 diciembre: La Navidad 3:00 F209
6. Service Project Christmas
7. Breakfast at Acorn Market March 4
8. Movie Night March 20
9. Prep meeting for Induction March 29
10. Inductions: Tuesday, April 4
11. Dinner Agave Azul ALL members jueves, el 27 de abril
12. Cabaret viernes, el cinco de mayo
13. SENIOR dinner La Tolteca jueves, el 18 de mayo
14. Election of officers 2017-2018 martes, el 23 de mayo

OFFICERS 2015 - 2016
Presidente: Emma Schmitt
Vice-Presidenta: Margarid Turnamian
Secretaria: Nicole Bonenberger
Historiadora: Linda Zelaya
Participation 2016 - 2017
Participation 2015 - 2016
Spanish Honor Society Proposed 2015 – 2015 Schedule
Tues Sept 22 at 7:00 Dinner at La Tolteca
Wed. Oct. 28 at 3:00 Dia de los muertos
Wed Nov 18 at 3:00 games

Wednesday, Dec. 2 NYC ALL DAY/evening Museum of Modern Art Picasso exhibit; Broadway musical: Get On Your Feet (the story of Gloria y Emilio Estefan; Miami Sound Machine)

Tues. Dec. 8 at 3:00 Traditional Holiday Customs
Wed Jan 6 at 3:00 Los Reyes/Chinese Auction/gift exchange $5.00

OFFICERS 2013 - 2014
Presidente: Kareem Daneshpour
Vice-President: Garrett Gordy
Secretaria: Hamza Raza
Historiador: Derek Scott
Proyectos del servicio: TBD 2014 2015 officers.JPG
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Participation 2014 - 2015

Participation 2013 - 2014

Tentative 2014 - 2015 schedule

1. martes, 3 junio después de la escuela (organización) 3:00
2. jueves, 18 septiembre La Tolteca 7:00 $10.50
3. jueves, 30 octubre Día de los Muertos 3:00 Galletas
4. jueves, 30 octubre THE BOOK OF LIFE at Regal Theaters at 7:25.
5. martes, 11 noviembre Juegos Tradicionales 3:00
6. viernes, 14 noviembre CABARET 7:00
7. miércoles, 17 de diciembre Poinsettias de Papel 3:00
8. miércoles, 14 enero Cactus Taverna 6:00 $$$
9. miércoles, 4 marzo DOUBLE meeting movie: McFarland USA at 3:40, dinner at Plaza North 6:00
10. miércoles, 25 marzo AMAZING RACE at 3:00 F209 CHAPTER DUES: underclassmen, $5.00; SENIORS $18.00

Participation 2012 - 2013

2013 - 2014 Officers.JPG

Tentative Schedule 2013 - 2014

  • jueves, el 27 de febrero 3:00 F209 Amazing Race
  • jueves, el 13 de marzo 3:00 F209 Que dice el zorro: grabando....
  • lunes, el 14 de abril: new members only 7th period
  • martes, el 15 de abril: old members only 7th period
  • martes, el 22 de abril: INDUCTIONS 7:00 Auditorium
  • lunes, el 28 de abril: La Tolteca 7:00

  • viernes, el 13 de septiembre 3:00 F209
  • jueves, el 26 de septiembre La Cena a La Tolteca 7:00
  • jueves, el 31 de octubre Las Galletas Para El Dia de los Muertos y (puppet decorating)
  • miercoles, el 13 de noviembre NEW YORK

Tuesday, Oct. 25 Dia de los muertos decorating contest!!!


New York: Wednesday, Nov. 9
La Cena: La Tolteca, Tuesday, Nov. 29 MONEY IS DUE TUESDAY, NOV. 22 $10
TBD: Chilean CHILI with the Ramos' in December
Parkside Contest: Friday, Jan. 13 at 6:30 in the gym (soccer/academics/taco eating contest)
Laura/Kate: Here is the proposed calendar for this year...we aren't off by much!

Projected 2011 -2012

Monday, Sept. 26 Plaza Tapatia 7:00

Tuesday, October 25 Dia de los Muertos Cookie Decorating after school

Wednesday, Nov. 9 NY Memphis

Monday, Nov. 15 Laser Tag team challenge at Crown?

Tuesday, Dec. 13 Chilean Chili Event after school

Friday, Jan. 13 Bennett vs Parkside Quiz Bowl/Soccer game/Taco eating contest after school

IMPORTANT: What is Spanish Honor Society: an explanation of rules and regulations: Click here:
Participation 2010 - 2011
Participation 2011 - 2012
La próxima reunión:

Una reunión espectacular
el 28 de octubre
Las galletas para El Día de los Muertos
Fotos pronto!!!

10 de noviembre: NUEVA YORK!!!!!! 6:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.7 de diciembre: La Cena y Una Película *New meeting date at your request * La Tolteca martes, el 12 de octubre 7:00$10 (por viernes, el 8 de octubre)Boston_011.jpg

Tentative Schedule for SHH 2010- 2011
1. Thursday, Sept. 2 at 7:00 MANDATAORY meeting for all members; refreshments provided. At school
2. Tuesday, Sept. 21 LATIN FEST at 7:00 Authentic foods done by groups of students to be shared in a dinner setting. At school
3. Thursday, Oct. 28 Día de los Muertos celebration with cookie decoration contest Time to be determined. At school
4. Wednesday, Nov. 10 Trip to New York to visit the United Nations and see Wicked. $$$
5. Tuesday, Dec. 7 Dinner and a Movie Dinner (provided by individual students) from 5:00 – 6:00; movie at the Parkside Planetarium from 6:15 – 7:45 Counts as a double meeting
6. Service project in December
7. A morning in January: Breakfast as group at 7:00 TBD
8. February: nothing yet designated
9. Friday, March 11 GAME-A-THON late night/overnight?
10. Tuesday, March 29 Justo Lamas concert; lunch with Justo following the concert $$
11. Tuesday, April 5 SHH Inductions MANDATORY MEETING
12. Service project in April: Easter eggs with Hispanic youth TBD
13. Monday, May 2 Dinner at La Tolteca $$
14. Thursday, May 5 Cinco de mayo Celebration At school
Events to occur regularly
1. Trips to Pemberton Elementary (1 per term) to teach 1st grade in Spanish. These groups will be established in September, and the same group will visit the same 1st grade class once each term with a specific agenda: numbers/colors/greetings; Holidays; etc. Planning the trip counts as a meeting and going to the school counts as a meeting
2. Tertulias: groups that will be established in September that will arrange to meet about once a month at Fiesta Mex or alternate location to converse in Spanish and to eat lightly (ordering off the menu). The group should have at least 5 members but not more than 10. Each gathering counts as a meeting.
wicked_set_better.jpg group3.jpg


2009- 2010

Newly Elected Officers 2009- 2010
President: Shane Noonan
Vice-President: Sasha Daniels
Secretary: Tina Hong
Historian: Amira Said
las camisas de SHH money due 11/12/09

Capítulo Calderón de la Barca

Jessica with the SHH stole


Nueva York: noviembre 2010
external image 11143_1283596814497_1367422229_816540_7438943_n.jpgexternal image 11143_1283599414562_1367422229_816546_2592280_n.jpg

external image 12467_1268251550875_1367422229_779004_8018635_n.jpg external image 12467_1268253910934_1367422229_779019_6779604_n.jpg
external image 12467_1268269071313_1367422229_779090_7831009_n.jpg external image 12467_1268273111414_1367422229_779102_245809_n.jpg
external image 11143_1282933637918_1367422229_814384_6076240_n.jpg external image 11143_1282933877924_1367422229_814385_838598_n.jpg
external image 11143_1282943198157_1367422229_814414_1882242_n.jpg

Thursday, Sept. 10 Dinner meeting at La Tolteca with election of officers
Friday, October 9 Scavenger Hunt during school
Wednesday, Nov. 4 Field Trip to NYC to see West Side Story
Thursday, Nov. 12 Jeopardy Eggspert
Trivia 1
Trivia 2

Trivia 4
Trivia 5
Trivia 6
Trivia 7
Monday, Dec. 7 6:30 Holiday Dinner and Trivia Game at Plaza Tapatía
Saturday, Dec. 19: American Cancer Society FundRaiser at Latin Dance: Nina, Riley O., Greg, Chani, Sasha, Shane postponed to Feb.20 due to snow!
Pemberton Service Project: Liz, Emily, Nina, Hina, Monica K. Greg, Chani, Kerriann, Amira, Monica J., Riley O.
11 Days of Snow.....have changed our plans immensely. NEW DATES
Thursday, Jan. 28 Movie/popcorn night or Let’s Dance night?? CHANGED TO WEDNESDAY, MARCH 3 at 6:30
agenda: prep for Justo concert, collection of money, voting on cords versus stohls for graduation, movie
Thursday, Feb. 25 prep for new inductees/Justo COMBINED WITH THE NEW DATE OF MARCH 3
Wednesday, March 17 SHH Initiation CHANGED TO MONDAY, APRIL 26 at 7:00
Tuesday, March 23 Can Justo return? YES, HE IS!!!! We will be traveling to Snow Hill for the concert from 10:00 - 11:30, followed by lunch in a to be determined location!!!
Thursday, April 8 Celebration Dinner at La Tolteca CHANGED TO Monday, May 10
Friday, April 30: Reading and teaching songs in Spanish to first graders at Pemberton Elementary
Friday, May 21 Field Trip to Busch Gardens ???????

2009......50 New Members

La Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica........


Los miembros nuevos de 2009 son:



Stephen...Brandon...Zak S....Katlyn...Jeremy...Zak T...Makenzie...Lauren...Libby

Nina, Emily, Monica, Libby, Lacreisha
Chong, Jess, Brandon, Gina, Becca, Lindsay
Sasha, Monica, Francisca, Fen
Libby, Michael

Sibling Members: Kellyne, Kerriann and Shane; Jacob and Jeremy; Chandler and Joe
Montez, Stephen and Kyle

Las Actividades que vienen pronto:

1. El Concierto de Justo Lamas....martes, el 24 de marzo

2. La cena a La Tolteca, miércoles, el primero de abril


Los miembros nuevos....marzo 2008


Nuestros planes para 2008-2009

First Meeting: Wednesday, September 3 at 7:00 Las Margaritas

Agenda: Election of Officers

New Officers:

President: Annie Reading

Vice President: Ryan Ellis

Secretary/Treasurer: Kayla Wright

Historian: Jessica Lukasz

October: Friday, October 10 at La Tolteca & El Zoo Scavenger Hunt Leave school at noon, return by 2:45

November: Wednesday, Nov. 12 at 6:30 in P-8 for MOVIE night La Noche de Película! GOAL II

December: Wednesday, Dec. 10 at 6:30 at Cactus Taverna for Holiday Social (tentatively scheduled to join with Parkside's Spanish Honor Society)

January: Wednesday, Jan 14 at 3:15 in P-8 for Scrabble Marathon

February: Wednesday, Feb. 25 at 3:15 in P-8 Preparation for

Induction in March and logistical planning for the Justo Lamas Concert !!!!!

March: muchos días después de la escuela, tenemos que hacer las camisetas para el concierto de

Justo; tenemos que crear los bailes y aprender todas las canciones. ¿Quién va a cantar sólo con


March: Wednesday, March 4 or 11: Induction for 2009

March: Tuesday, March 24 Justo Lamas Concert out of school all day

April: Wednesday, April 1 Celebration Dinner at La Tolteca for new inductees

May: ??? envíame sus sugerencias


Rebecca Rossi: PresidenteAlix Royston: Vice-PresidenteStacey Sova: SecretariaMark Carduff: Historiador

Para los miembros de la Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica de JMB:

La Cena para celebrar con los miembros nuevos: La Tolteca, 7:00, el 16 de abril La noche del 16 de abril, 38 miembros de la Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica se reunieron a La Tolteca. Nos divertimos mucho. Los miembros nuevos hablaron con los miembros viejos y todo el mundo se disfrutó. Comimos mucho y nos reímos mucho. Hay sólo una reunión que se queda en este año.La Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica........


Los miembros nuevos son:
Monica J.
A. Los Ganadores del Partido de Scrabble son:

1. Joe Raffa and Miraj Patel

2. Cathleen Jones and Kara Swanson

3. Amit Patel and Blair Gaskill

4. Alix Royston



Los participantes del Scrabble: Stacey Sova, Alix Royston, Becca Rossi, Kellyne Noonan, Joe Raffa, Andrea Brooke, Ashley Benson, Brittany Barlow, Miraj Patel, Cathleen Jones, Kara Swanson, Jacob Tarr, Ian Zelaya, Kayla Wright, Laurel Heflin, Nina Shaw, Blair Gaskill, Ross Evans, Sakib Adnan, and Amy Binkowski

B. La Cena: jueves, el 13 de diciembre a Las Margaritas a las 7:00. Deben responder.


C. Eventos en el futuro:

1. En enero, una película: al "planetarium" de Parkside
2. En febrero, los planes para la iniciación de los miembros nuevos
3. En marzo: la iniciación
4. En marzo: Un "field trip" a Annapolis para ver the Alejandra Dondines Dancers of the Americas

D. Los Ganadores del Scavenger Hunt del zoológico del septiembre:

1. Cathleen Jones, Kayla Wright, Molly Cinderella

2. Ian Zelaya, Jacob Tarr