DISCLAIMER AND ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: I've been teaching for 30 years. While the majority of ideas on these pages are my own creation, some of them have been gathered over the years from various sources (and I appreciate them greatly!). Where I have been able to identify the source, I have given credit to the source. However, for several of the ideas I no longer know to whom the credit goes. There is no intentional misuse of material and I will be happy to credit the source, if known. Thank you.

updated 3/30/2014
Save this file so that it is NOT a read only file. When you save it, you will be able to change the headers so that you can search by artist, or by title, vocabulary, grammar, cultural point, country. Just click on sort! The link for the you tube video is on most of the videos. 1292 songs and counting! Send me your suggestions and your favorite music.

If you are interested in seeing my latest music listings (the ones that have NOT been incorporated into the database yet), please see my Pinterest music board.

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Ideas for Preliminary Music Exploration
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5. This idea came from a workshop from at least 5 years ago, but I don't have the original source.
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***(adapted and re-created for Spanish, instead of ELL, from EFL Classrsoom 2.0)

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