virtual keyboard for languages free download
spanishtypeit type a document with spanish letters and accents, copy and paste
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teachers love smart boards blog
Bloq TEQ smart
Box of Tricks specifically for FL

All levels Spanish

Acabar de and adverbs
Basic vocabulary
BBC Spanish website
BBC Spanish bitesize: listening, reading and speaking
Bubbabrain play the games already created (by level for languages) or create your own. Free
Buzzers for smartboards
Día de los muertos smart boards Halloween smartboard más
languages online games including Hot Potatoes (as in moodle)
grammar, vocabulary
cultura de Espana a prezi
Clifford story books and activities in Spanish
drag and match games adjectives, animals, birds, body, celebrations, city, clothing, colors, countries, family, feelings, etc.
flashcards adjectives, animals, birds, body, etc.
Game-O-Matic make your own games such as drop and drag, sentence mix, cloze activities, concentration, timed matching, etc.
Geospy identify the countries whiteboard game
Interactive books in spanish
linguascope sample activities for beginning and intermediate spanish. Charge to use full facility
memory games with all types of topics, vegetables, fruits, clothes, etc.
Palabras Opuestas smart board
powerpoint games and templates what is louie thinking (like pyramid), racing games, big board facts, big wheel, sunken treasure, align the stars (connect 4), behind the box
Pronouns smart board
SMART lessons for: prepositions, rooms, clothing, food, body parts,preterite, and more
SMART lessons for free download: timers, present tense verb train, the game Brainiac
Smart lesson games with holiday activities, too....probably could change to spanish
South America map activities
8 pages of quizzes in spanish
e-chalk previews in spanish looks incredible, but costs $78 for single user
Digital Dialects games and audio, flash for beginning as well as advanced
Interactive games colors, family, house, prepositions,interrogatives, clothes, numbers, verbs...3 pages of games
Best Spanish websites
a page with many SMART board spanish lessons, needs to be explored
a page with many games and activities great for the smart board, funny photos, crosswords, matching clothes, food, etc.
SMARTboard resources, links to many, many pages
Verbs, drag and match
Verb tenses, all tenses conjugation games
Vocabulary photovocab ar verbs, er verbs, ir verbs, adjectives, flags, reflexives, food, body, clothes, animals, superheroes

check this one
vocabulary images for smart board can be changed to spanish/french????
vocabulary images with audio site is in spanish, but changes to french, italian, german. Could be used for images only.
vocabulary smart board activities numbers, colors, fruits, vegetables, transportation, classroom,animals

Spanish I, II

2all major topics for spanish 1 and 2
BBC beginning spanish: phrases, numbers, etc. whiteboard friendly activities
casa que hay en la casa arrange house, practice vocabulary
classroom objects
Colors, Numbers, Fruits, Vegetables, Classroom objects
mi mundo en palabras incredible interactive site, with pages upon pages of activities for basic Spanish I/II vocabulary la casa, el colegio, los animales, etc.
Wichita Public Schools SMART board lessons for world languages
Parts of the body
BEginning Spanish
Body, food, travel, clothing, shopping, professions, chores, imperfect Longwood School District, SMART lessons
jeopardy, time, sims
Milcuentos incredible site with many stories, all illustrated and read enthusiastically by children
Resources for teaching Spanish I - IV an entire page of links
Discovery Kids Mexico all kinds of activities, videos

Spanish III, IV

Wichita Public Schools SMART board lessons for world languages
listening exercises with a youtube video and script for numbers
Milcuentos incredible site with many stories, all illustrated and read enthusiastically by children
Mystery of the poison dart frog Costa Rica science, art, culture, story in english and spanish
panwapa from Sesame STreet donde todos los niños crean el mundo games, videos, listening
presenting yourself as a new teacher and the reasons why you teach, exploration of the spanish world with great videos another prezi
SMART boards and art
cuentos (la cenecienta, simbad, shrek, el flautista de hamelin, la caperucita roja, peter pan, blancanieves, merlin, los tres cerditos)
Centro Virtual Cervantes
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao interactive tour, virtual visit
interactive myths

Subjunctive smartboards

General links

Bubbabrain play the games already created (by level for languages) or create your own. Free
MFL Games for French and Spanish
Free game/quiz maker readily changed to whatever langauge. Available for free download There are several french ones already created
languages on line Australia french activities game templates for all languages
Word magnets This resource from Triptico could again have uses in many different subjects since it is quite open-ended. Use it to create drag and drop sentences in your chosen language.
Piclit Drag words onto photographs to describe the scene or mood. The default language is english, but could be used in other languages in freestyle mode.
OYE for Spanish ZUT for French great multi level site for all topics of French and Spanish for interactive boards
zwinky not working when I tried it, but looks interesting: friends and shopping, characters and rooms, fun and games; create your own character
powerpoint templates and game templates jeopardy, picture reveal, fling the teacher, millionaire, mindreader
Interactive stories in Spanish and French
SMART boards and games
Smart boards and many different jeopardy or jeopardy like game templates
French and Spanish smart board lessons free templates, games, timers
Español Extra whiteboard friendly grammar, flashcards, virtual characters, flash games, crosswords, unusual games
El Mundo Latino games, websites, 3D, stories, science, museums, tv, radio, cine
clip art for FL teachers categorized by verbs, adjectives, house, etc.
Free rice United Nations game in Spanish in French
read the words, a site that supposedly can be french or spanish
Katie Titler on mobile phones, Voki, Poll Everywhere, Gabcast, iPadio and Glogster used with whiteboards
jeopardy, koosh ball, wheel of fortune, millionaire, tips and tricks, fly swatter
links for spanish french that would be useful for smart board
game templates for smart
game show templates
build a city
powerpoint games and templates what is louie thinking (like pyramid), racing games, big board facts, big wheel, sunken treasure, align the stars (connect 4), behind the box
SmartBoard Favorites, a page of resources, especially for ESL
World Cup Resources in Spanish and French
__Snakes and ladders__ This can be used to revise many topics. Insert various images into the boxes to revise your chosen topic

Numeracy activities
__Maths activities__ A selection of activities to practice numeracy skills

__Matrículas__ An activity that combines, numeracy skills, gepgraphy and some fun

__100 square__ A 100 square grid to use in your lessons

__Comprar un coche__ An activity to practise numbers and counting

Un juego de números A numerical challenge

Language Awareness
Language awareness activities A selecition of Language Awareness activities (includes Irish)

Sort words into anguages An activity to develop language awarenes

La isla del tesoro An activity to develop literacy skills in Spanish

Animales A aet of activities to develop literacy skills and language awareness in Spanish

__Multilink activity__ An activity to promote literacy

El tiempo An activity to present weather forecasts in Spain and Latinamerica

Encuentra la frase A set of activities linked to the ELP topic Myself and Others

La comida A set of activities to explore this topic and develop language awareness

Wissahickon School smart board resources templates, videos


New for Lynn
scroll down to high school templates
BBC site for learning French
BBC videos in French
Bubbabrain play the games already created (by level for languages) or create your own. Free
Chez Mimi interactive game for family, food, etc.
10 French lessons
French typepad with great links to French music
French wiki with smartboard lessons
French travel with several smartboard lessons
grammar, vocabulary
Interactive books in french
Kideos French kids videos from Bert and Ernie, Aladdin, Lion King, Babar, etc.
Lang Media: French videos from different coutnries on assorted topics
le corps, la famille, les numéros, l’Europe, à la gare, en ville, les heures, l’alphabet, les animaux and le telephone.
Le Kosque French Readers
Le Maitre des Contes: sort of a choose your own ending adventure stories
Music in French by grammatical point
Thinking through fables in French
34 Smart board lessons in French
several French lessons, scroll to High School Templates
Sylvia Duckworths youtube channel with incredible teaching songs
parts of the body
Resources for teaching French (an entire page of links)
SMARTboard resources, links to many pages
snakes_and_ladders_smart This can be used to revise many topics. Insert various images into the boxes to revise your chosen topic.

french_weather_map_smart This can be used to devise roleplays for talking about the weather. (accompanying flashcards

paris_smart This is a Journey through Paris. It has lots of links with useful information and plenty of activities for the classroom.

le_jeu_de_la_chenille This is a set of flipcharts of boardgames on the themes of animals, weather and colours, time and daily routine, and numbers.

find_the_sentence_smart This a template that can be used as is, or adapted for a variety of sentence-level work in French.

prayers_smart This is a set of flipcharts to help teach some prayers in the target language (including audio)

la_french_activties_general A selection of Language Awareness activties including les faux amis and les mots cadeaux (Smart file)

multilink_activt use mulitilink cubes to practice dictionary skills

Toujors Des Mots a site using current French music to teach language
TV5Monde, 12 videos and 72 exercises
French vocabulary with pictures and audio


Discover Ancient Rome through Google Earth
Best Latin websites
Latin abbreviation game
Latin English match game
Latin English word match
Literal Latin memory game
Pompeii: In Old Pompeii interactive lesson
Quintus et Scintilla This lesson is designed to reinforce third person verb endings and introduce other person verb endings. It is also intended to teach about Roman markets.
Teaching Minimus support sheets, exercises for SMART boards, bingo, Goldilocks in Latin and moreLatin culture and grammar gods and goddesses, occupations, gladiators, chariots, roman baths